Safety & Precautions

  • Masks are Mandatory. Everyone must wear a mask/facial covering on site. PPE will be available for purchase on site and limited quantities of free masks will be available per show.
  • Masks will be required when outside any vehicle, no exceptions.
  • Tickets will be pre-purchased online. No tickets will be sold on site to prevent interaction and transmission.
  • Every-other parking space (8-foot distance) will be left empty to promote and maintain social distancing. Each space will be a dedicated 12X8 parking spot.
  • We will allow a maximum of 4 attendees per vehicle. Vehicles with occupants exceeding the number of seatbelts inside will not be permitted entrance.
  • Attendees will be asked to remain in their vehicles when not using the restroom facilities. Attendees will be permitted to sit on their vehicles or within their 12×8 parking spot area. This area will be determined by the distance between their side mirrors. The empty spaces in-between vehicles are intended for a socially safe environment and will be enforced by staff and security.
  • Restroom facilities will be regularly cleaned and sanitized by a dedicated onsite cleaning crew.
  • Restroom bays will be placed at the end each lane of the lot to prevent attendee cross-over contact.
  • Each restroom bay will consist of standard restroom facilities and 1 ADA- accessible facility, dedicated sanitation team members, and hand sanitizing stations with appropriate markings for socially distant waiting lines.
  • Abundant health and safety signage will be posted throughout, reminding attendees about the importance of hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene, and etiquette.
  • Visibly marked safety staff will be dispersed among lanes to answer questions regarding social distancing and recommend safe practices for attendees.
  • Concessions will not be accessible by attendees. Attendees will use smart cellular devices to order concessions and artist merchandise. We will only accept electronic payments via QR coded receipts provided by staff. Once staff process payments, concessions and merchandise will be delivered directly to the corresponding attendee’s vehicle.
  • A list of hygiene and sanitation recommendations will be sent to all attendees prior to each event and listed on the event’s website at
  • A video will be played at the beginning of each event outlining the best practices for social distancing and safety.
Team & Vendor Partners
  • Staff and vendor partners will be monitored daily with routine temperature checks at the start of each shift. If temperature checks deem 3 points above average, staff personnel will be required to leave.
  • Staff and vendor partners names will be collected daily to assist with contact tracing.
  • Staff and vendor partners will be required to wear a mask at all times.
  • Staff and vendor partners will be required to sanitize themselves and workspace frequently.
  • Staff/Vendor tents will have a sanitation station and access to disposable masks as needed.
  • Sanitation teams will consist of a venue provided team and a coordinated team to ensure regular sanitation checks.
  • All staff equipment will be sanitized at the start and end of every shift before use, and before it is returned at the end of the night (radios, event packs, etc.)
  • All spaces will be sanitized regularly using FDA recommended products and practices.
  • Abundant health and safety signage will be posted throughout, reminding staff and vendor partners about the importance of hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene, and etiquette.
  • A self-screening questionnaire will be filled out daily by all staff on site.
  • Any employee who has contracted COVID-19 will be required to follow all CDC guidelines before returning to work.
  • CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting will be executed following the identification of any employee who has tested positive for COVID-19.
  • All staff and vendor partners who have had close contact with any person who has tested positive for COVID-19 should self-quarantine according to CDC guidelines.
  • Staff/Vendor tents will be separated throughout the lot to encourage less contact with other groups. AV, Catering, Medical, etc. will each have a separate tented space to eliminate unnecessary cross-contact.


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